What is Work Ethics?

We must respect our work and deal justly. In order to perform best one must have work ethic. Having a belief that work has intrinsic value, one must be accountable and responsible for the work one does. This belief is what work ethic advocates a person to cultivate a positive attitude within. Regardless of the context, work ethic is usually associated with people who work hard and do a good job.

Traditionally work ethics is defined as a value related to hard work and diligence. To create wealth to elite, the working classes are made to work harder, dishonoring the work ethics by not valuating the hard work. Fact is that, it’s not true that working more means producing more or even that more production leads to a better life… this is, of course, not to be confused with quality productivity. Now, what the modern term changed from being working hard to working smart.

Our work ethics can be utilized to find latest tools and technology to work smarter rather than harder. Prioritize work; be productive in order to provide quality work within a less span of time.

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