Work smarter not harder

As we grow in our business, we are circled with unlimited list of tasks. To do these, we have to spare lot of our time.

We realize that we cannot spare lot of our time and the task we have is really important to deal with.

How to deal:

1. Segregation of the task as:

a. Urgent

b. Important but not Urgent

c. Urgent and Important

d. Not Important

Complete the urgent task, urgent and important task, then process with important but not urgent task and after that not important task. This way of dealing can probably make you work more smart.

2. Automate repetitive task.

If you are an office user, and has lot of repetitive task, then try to automate using VBA.

VBA – Visual Basic for Application is a powerful programming tool for office applications, through which one can automate all the office applications – word, excel, powerpoint, one note, access, ms project and can even extract bulk web data from websites. If you have online business, you can directly get the stats and update using VBA.

Can  create dashboards to know the stats and process your interaction with the websites in excel on a single click.

3. Take small intervals while on work:

    Upon long hours of work, its a good booster to take break in small intervals, this will make you relaxed. In turn, increases productivity in your working process.

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