How to setup stunning Profile in Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing giant platform wherein more than 9 million freelancers have been registered so far. With a huge list of freelancers, competition is high and to stay up with these competitors, a detail and well defined profile is what value all about. 

Upwork has sorted out the most demanding skills that are required in it’s platform. If you have skills that have less demand your registration will be cancelled and you will be terminated. Now a days Upwork is rejecting freelancers frequently. Be sure to pick up skills that are in demand in Upwork market place and not be of one rejected. If your skills are not demanding, you can learn those skills that are in demand and get updated to showcase those skills in your profile. In today’s world, we are learner at every moment. The skill today is outdated tomorrow. Hence a freelancer is always a learner and not an expert he can say so about him.

Setting up a stunning profile is the key to enter into the field of freelancing. Client first looks into your profile. Profile helps the client to know about your skill and expertise. Based on your profile, client judges to hire you or not. So to be more precise, make your profile look Professional and your skills up to date. 

Brief overview of a profile setup in Upwork:

To write an overview in your upwork profile, follow the below tips:

  1. Add a Professional Photo in your profile
  2. Add video clip of yours, briefly stating your goals and skills to the clients. This in turn makes you personal and also makes the client to know your communication skills. How well are you in speaking good English.
  3. Be sure to list out the skills you are updated with. 
  4. Take out Upwork skill test on those skills you are updated with. This makes the client to know more about your expertise in those skills you listed out.
  5. Don’t ever say that you are an expert in those skills you have, instead list out the year of experience you have and the projects you worked on. Add testimonials of your clients to whom you worked on, so that the customer get to know more about you.
  6. Add portfolios to your profile to showcase your work
  7. Add work experience and the projects you worked on.
  8. Add Qualification and Certification if any, client doesn’t check out your qualification, but checks out your skill and the achievements in the skill test you had taken. Few clients may ask to do some task prior to hiring to test your skill level. If you get through then there is a chance to get hired. That doesn’t mean that you no need to add qualification. You should be more clear enough to tell about you to the client. 
  9. More to stand out from other freelancers, create your own professional linked in profile and your own website focusing your skills and services. Add link to those profiles, which makes you look Professional and gets into well paid jobs.

Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel words:

Check awesome profiles of Freelancer in upwork:

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