Upwork Skill Tests

Skill Tests are the one which confirms the clients about your ability to do the task. Taking skill tests also makes you more marketable. Some clients search based on the specific tests or make it a requirement while posting a job. Skill test is mandatory to take as your profile will be accepted by Upwork only when you attend one or more skill test and pass the test. You can attend the test according to your related skills. If you update your skills on the go, you can even take up the test accordingly and showcase the same in your profile. There is no limit to take up the test, you can take hundreds of test covering a range of topics. In Upwork, you can find tests covering any skills, such as:

Following is the tests in Computer Skills you can find on Upwork:

  • Windows XP Test
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office skills Test
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Test
  • Ms Excel Test
  • Ms Word Test
  • AutoCAD Test
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Skill Test
  • Microsoft Access 2010 Test
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Test
  • Microsoft Word 2016 skills test
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 skills test
  • Knowledge of Office Sharepoint Workspace 2010 skills test
  • Microsoft Office 2016 skills test
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 skills test

Likewise you can find many skills test based on the criteria you specify. To proceed with the test, click on Find work –> then on Tests on the bottom.

Upwork Home Page after Login

You can search tests based on your skills or by entering keywords as shown below:

Searching Skill Tests Options

Each Tests contains 45 multiple choice questions, which requires less than 45 minutes to complete. Once you click on the test, before getting to start, you may be visualized with the test topics/contents it carries.

As you can see below example:

Based on the topics, you can prepare yourself for the test and can achieve more score. Once you have achieved a score above average, you can make it public to view the test results for the client. If your score goes below average, you have the option to hide the same. If you fail the test, you have the option to retake the test after 90 days. You can prepare for the test and get more scores attending the test after 90 days. You can even hide the failed test from the profile view or the one which doesn’t focus your business. You can take as many tests as your skills improve.


Scoring level of the test is 0 to 5.0, where as 5.0 is the highest and the passing score is 2.5 and above. Algorithm beside the ranking – above average / below average is based on the number of qualified freelancers scored the test. If you score 36 out of 45 then, then your score is calculated as 36/45 in terms of 5.0 score and you achieve 4.0 score. If average of other freelancers score 4.5, then if your score is a passing score, even then your profile will show as below average. So, all those freelancers who achieved below 4 and above 2.5 is considered as below average. Point to note – even if you score 4.9 and average of score by other qualified freelancers is 5.0, then your test ranking will be below average.

The testing level defined by the Upwork is what is disliked by most freelancers. If we get above average, then our profile seems good enough points, but what about the below average – it displays as a negative points. Suppose, if you are testing your English skills, even you achieved 4.9, your skills is below average when other freelancers score 5.0. When the client checks the profile and find that your English level is below average, then mostly he will neglect and checks for those who are above average. This way of defining the skill level is what I too dislike. Sometimes, what happens we have made public a skill test result when it is above average, after few months the same skill shows as below average. This is because, that the skill level is total depends on the number of qualified test takers and their scores. If average of freelancers who joined later have scored above your scores, then automatically your skill level goes down. We can’t expect that our skill which is above average will remain the same, as it depends on the test takers and the level of scores they achieved. This showcase the Upwork market place eligibility of the freelancers, but not on individual skill. Be aware of this and try to get good scores.

Tips to find tests

If you are doubtful on which test to take, here are some tips through which you can find a test:

  • Listed skills on your profile:  Start with the listed skills on your profile or you may take the corresponding tests, which matches your skills and can be badged as Tested. This will help you to demonstrate your qualifications to potential clients.
  • Projects, you would like to work on:  When there is a project, which you are interested to work on. Check the skills required for the project to complete and take the test based on those skills. This will in-turn makes you to fit for the project and there is a chance the client can consider your application based on those skill achievements. Be sure to set the test public to display in your profile
  • Still wondering and can’t find the skills test matching your profile, check the test passed by other freelancers similar to your profile: Find out similar freelancers in your category and check the tests taken by those freelancers. Take those tests and showcase your profile.

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