Beware of Online Home based Jobs Fraud

Today, I was scrolling to find out data entry jobs for my team, suddenly I came to craigslist jobs, wherein, I found a lot of data entry home based jobs. Mostly, we may find this type of listings in newspaper, online news platform and from other job portals. I saw many listings and scroll down each and found that these offerings includes some payment for registration to proceed further.

Beware of potential scams that ask for a fee to register or over-exaggerate the potential earnings. At first, they send you a sample of small passage for data entry. When you check this and you feel that you are comfortable about this and pay the said fee to get the job. When they send you the actual work, it will be a huge list of data entry, much more hard and you cannot able to complete the said work within the specified period. Later on, they will block your account and will not pay you a single penny and also you will lose your hard earned money too. This type of job providers are a big cheater. Be careful and don’t ever try to get in touch with them.

In today’s trend, most of the people are unemployed and are looking for online jobs. Being put into trial on finding jobs, don’t ever get prey to this fraudsters. It’s really an important decision we are making towards achieving our goal. Before get in touch, try to google out their company information, don’t just stick to first page, scroll pages further and look any complaint is registered. If so neglect these jobs.

I was on my blogging series, but before getting into my next blog posting, it was my duty to inform my readers to be aware of such scams. Best online job platform, what I discussed before in my freelancing blog post – upwork, freelancer, fiverr, goLance, toptal, peopleperhour and guru. Try your best with these sites.

Even there are few jobs, which says that they require no investment. They will provide you with work and after completion of the work, they are not paying you a single penny. Find below a victim of such site:

Upwork and other best freelancing sites has secured both clients and freelancers. In a fixed project, the client has to pay the amount and it will be in Escrow. Only after the acceptance of the job, the amount will be released. Even after your job submission, if the client doesn’t release the amount and starts disputing, then you have the option to contact upwork support team to interfere with the dispute and clear off the issue. For hourly contract, your time and work is tracked by screenshots, keystrokes entered, activity level and mouse movement. For every 10 minutes, screen gets captured with other details. Thereby making payment secured for both client and freelancer.

Work Diary on hourly contract with screenshot
In work Diary, can also see the activity level with keystrokes and mouse movement

Client has a week time to check the work diary of the freelancer and thereby accept the hours. Once reviewed and accepted the amount will be released and you can withdraw the amount. This type of procedure is what makes the platform more secure, scam-less and fraud-less.

2 thoughts on “Beware of Online Home based Jobs Fraud

  1. Online and home-based jobs can give freedom for freelancers and those that are aspiring to work at home. Sadly, there are still vultures that will take advantage of people looking for jobs. Just try to find legit job posts.

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