Upcoming challenges for freelancer on Upwork

As discussed in my earlier blog, that upwork has 60 connects free to apply upto 30 jobs. Connects are what you use to submit a proposal for jobs posted in the Upwork marketplace. Now the upwork has completely ruled out the free membership and has imposed on freelancer to pay for the connects they are going to apply for the job. They believe that doing so, they are limiting the number of applications by the unskilled freelancers, thereby allowing the client to narrow down to the right candidate and the skilled freelancers to reach out with the great client.

With the launch of this new term, the upwork freelance community has become upside down. Think of the freelancer, who has to hunt the job daily and has to pay for applying without having hope of getting the job. Not only upwork imposed to pay, but they have imposed connects based on the job posted. For job $50 or less, the freelancer has to spend upto $0.30, whereas for the longer term jobs with a budget of $600+ the freelancer has to spend upto $0.90 to apply for a single job (Note: No guarantee of getting hired).

Check below table showing connects required and the cost to apply for a single job:

Example Job TypeConnectsCost of Connects
Invites from clients0Free
Quick jobs for $50 or less1-2$0.15 – $0.30
Short-term jobs (less than a week) with a budget of $50 to $6003-4$0.45 – $0.60
Longer-term jobs with a budget of $600+5-6$0.75- $0.90
One of Upwork freelancer’s response to connect changes

As you may see the noted points in the above statement, it’s really worth. Upwork is enforcing extra burden on freelancer. Beginning upwork was charging 10% from the freelancer’s earnings. Later on, they started charging 20% from the freelancer’s earnings. Ok, even then the freelancer accepted and started paying 20%, but now apart from charging double, now they are imposing extra charges on connects, that is really horrible. Even there are certain job posts, which has been posted to review the budget required for the job. The client won’t hire anybody, but in turn research the freelancing market on the particular project. On such job posts, what will be the condition of the freelancer. Is they have to lose their penny and waste their time for this type of projects? Upwork has to think and create a similar scenario for the client to post the job, only then freelancer is not scammed.

What next:

I believe that we the freelancer should not completely rely on these platforms, instead we should create our own portfolio websites and try to publish our skills and services.

Having portfolio websites makes you to showcase your work online in a professional way. This in-turn builds trust on you and a first impression on you from your clients. Also it increases your online presence and online visibility while on Google search. Creating portfolio websites takes you out from describing in a traditional way (i.e. creating resume), and making you more than that with a web link enriched with professional presentation, skills, expertise, testimonials and work examples.

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