How to create portfolio websites

Freelancers of these days are facing challenges to survive. Giant platform like upwork, guru and peopleperhour etc., is frequently changing terms of conditions and the freelancers are the one most affected. Relying completely on these platforms will not fetch good return. To grow your business and make an online presence is what required you to create a portfolio website, thereby unlocking the opportunity the online space has.

Hey, I am back to help you out in creating portfolio website. You may wonder how can any one create a website without having web developing skills. Of sure, you can, without tweaking into code, you can easily create your own portfolio websites within a minute. There are various web builders free through which you can just create by using their drag and drop tools, free templates and many more web features available. You no need to be skilled in code and has to write a lengthy code in order to work out. Walking through the steps you will become a designer as well. Interesting isn’t it. So, why can’t you try these website builders and unlock the potential opportunities. Following are some of the websites builder that are free, through which you can create your own stunning portfolio websites:


Blogger is a free website builder launched by Google. With the help of this you can create any type of blogs. With this feature, you can create your own portfolio, wherein you can showcase your work and introduce your services to the clients around the world.

With the help of free blogger portfolio templates available in the web, you can download and can apply the same to your created portfolio site in blogger. See below, few of the templates which are available free to download.

2. WordPress

WordPress is most popular among web designers and developers. Through, one can create stunning portfolio websites. For free membership, you will have many templates to work with. This free feature itself is far enough to apply great look and design for your portfolio.


Weebly allows you to add photos, videos, etc., found elsewhere on the net by simply “drag and drop” . You can easily create a portfolio websites with the help of this builder. The site works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux . Also automatically creates a mobile version of your site.


Wix offers a wide range of templates (more than 280 templates) for your websites customization. Wix Templates are build using html5, due to which it is search engine and Apple device friendly. Even wix includes flash based designs, so no worries for flash based developers. Just pick up a template, update with your own pictures, text and content and you are ready to launch a powerful portfolio website.


Behance allows world wide users to showcase their creative work. This is specifically designed to launch portfolios in one place and broadcast it widely and efficiently. The site is very professional and used by various experts to showcase their works.  Getting into Behance you can get inspired by millions of projects in the worlds largest creative network.

Tips on creating stunning portfolio websites:

1.Unique design

Maintain your website design unique. Don’t ever copy other designs. Try to give a different look and attractive visuals. Thereby the clients get overwhelmed by seeing your portfolio.

2. Availability

Provide different ways of contact method for the client to get in touch with you. Making yourself available in different platforms that you provide will be easier for the client to approach you or they may wander and quit from the site.

3. Avatar

When clients gets into your site, you are required to show off your avatar, of course a head shot of yourself, in order to get recognized that it’s real person’s portfolio. This makes the clients get to know your identity.

4. Refresh

Update your CV, whenever your skills adds up, you completes projects, you gain experiences. Don’t forget to update whenever required. Always try to provide a fresh content with recent information.

5. Show off your skills

Show off your skills by providing work samples, screenshots and demo of your completed projects.

6. Testimonials

Add clients testimonials who have worked before, so that the new visitor will have faith in you that you are capable to handle the type of projects they are looking for.

7. Recommendations

If you have any clients recommendation, don’t forget to list out in portfolio websites. Thereby you can secure your online presence.

8. Website loading speed

If your website loading speed is very low, then your clients will not stay on your site for more than 3 minutes and they will quit, without coming back. In order to get success, choose a suitable hosting package which provide web page loading speed faster.

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