OneNote awesome tool for Pro

Hi Pro’s it’s time to take a look into a great and awesome tool which makes your day to day schedules easy. As a busy professional you are circled with a number of activities, you wanna can’t rely on your brain to remember all at once. OneNote, a great tool of Microsoft released with Office suite since 2010, is an awesome tool to note all what you feel it’s important, whether images, documents of any formats, drawings, audio, videos and texts etc.. Most of us are Office users, to be frank most of us don’t know the use of OneNote, even many don’t know OneNote at all. You may wonder what is OneNote, just click on Start ==> open your All Programs ==> Check Ms Office ==> you may find OneNote already installed in your system.

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If you’re one of the few who doesn’t have OneNote already installed, you can get a free trial version on The app is completely free to install on your Mac or Windows desktop and lets you format notes any way you wish in an intuitive digital notebook interface. OneNote is on its speedy move, getting enhanced and enriched with new features. Don’t delay get installed and start using.

Microsoft OneNote is an office application to gather any information such as documents, images, videos, audios, screen clippings, drawings, texts etc, and it is also a multi-user collaboration. Even you can share notes with other OneNote user over the internet. It seems just like a word processor, but with its enhanced features enriched with handwriting support, multimedia embedding, drawing and more, it’s more than just a notes app.

OneNote Key Features:

Work on Multiple windows

In OneNote, you can even open multiple windows and can gather information on those different windows. A total multi-tasking application suitable for busy entrepreneurs. Why then delay, utilize this awesome tool and be awesome in your daily business dealings.

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Multiple Windows in OneNote

Notes Gatherings in Multiple pages

If you are a blogger, OneNote would be perfect for your writing skills. It makes you more productive as the tools you use in OneNote is wider than Microsoft word. For brainstorming you can gather materials and organize and structure materials and research papers. Different Pages you can add up for your diversified information collection and can easily extract the information you desire from the gatherings. Even, if you create a blog in a separate page, have option to submit the posts directly from OneNote. Apart from this you can even create calendar in OneNote and follow up schedules.

No Storage Restrictions

OneNote is not just a note, its a single place to store all the information, what you feels to keep it up. There is no limit of how many notes one can gather in OneNote according to the available storage. If you require more to note it on, wise to use Skydrive to store the information, wherein you will get 7 GB of space, which is more than enough for a freelancer and Entrepreneurs. If that is not sufficient for you and feels the extra storage, then can opt to purchase 200 GB at a great price.

Handwriting and Writing Tools on PDFs and other printer formats

OneNote has an handwriting tool, through which you can take note by writing easily on the screen or scan the written pages into the app. You even have the option to write on printouts of Office documents or PDFs. This is a great way to do research, take notes and can even create artwork.

OneNote Handwritten and Image Conversion Tool to Text

OneNote, great tool even converts the handwritten text to normal text automatically. Even, if your handwriting isn’t beautiful, OneNote can read all your ink notes to search or convert them to text. Really a tricky, picky tool , you wanna don’t need to bother at all. It can even read and search inserted images. PRO don’t bother OneNote won’t yet read your mind.

Search handwritten Notes

Users can now search their handwritten notes in OneNote just like you can search through typed text and text within images. The app’s handwriting recognition will locate the page and the specific handwritten note by simply typing your search query into the OneNote search box

Great for Maths Teachers and Students

Maths Teachers or Students have a great option to add formulas and arithmetic functions. Just go ahead typing your equation and an equal sign and then press the space bar, automatically the answer turns out and will be displayed on the page. Great tool for teachers and students.

OneNote can take your notes for you if you are meeting or on listening lectures

Recording an audio during meeting or lecture is possible using OneNote. An additional benefit is that pointers will be set on the specific part of the recordings for those notes you have taken in between the recordings and saved automatically. For later you can easily scroll on those pointers and check the recordings. Here’s how it works …..

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While you’re in a OneNote page (perhaps a page where you’re taking meeting notes), click on Insert > Record Audio. This will automatically start the audio recording feature, and you’ll be recording whatever your microphone picks up:

Easy Sharing features in OneNote

OneNote comes up with a easy sharing features. You can easily share your gatherings such as work projects, school home works or home projects, photo albums, audio or video recordings with your colleagues, family and friends. Here is how you can proceed:

In OneNote 2013, click File, click Share, then click Get a Sharing Link–you can decide if you want to allow others to view your notes or edit them with you. When they get the link, they can edit using their favorite browser–no install or sign up required–or they can edit in their favorite OneNote app.

Smartphone users no need to worry about. You can get free OneNote App works on iPhone, Android Phone or Windows Phone, which you can download from the appropriate app store on

OneNote, the king of notes, overall a great app introduced by Microsoft. I appreciate Microsoft for their dedicated efforts in introducing such an helpful app for the PRO’s to become more productive in less time.

I suggest PRO’s to have a look at OneNote and try to use it in your daily life. The feature really makes you step into next level. Happy using.

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