Freelancers Be Careful

Freelancers be careful while taking up a fixed projects. Today I will be sharing you what steps you can take while dealing with a fixed projects.

Fixed projects sometimes becomes problematic when dealing. At first glance we may find the project doesn’t need much time and efforts and will propose a budget based on that. But while on the go, you may come up with certain scenarios where you feel that the project is time consuming and the budget what you proposed is not be worth to dealt on.

Freelancers those who are a Programmers and developers mostly face these type of difficulties in dealing with the projects. When any error pops up, sometimes will be time consuming to troubleshoot those errors. To be on the safer side freelancers follow the following steps:

  1. When the client provides the project details, be sure you go through the details thoroughly.
  2. If you are unsure on few of the points try to clear out.
  3. Ask questions whatever you get regarding the project.
  4. If the client unable to clear out the clarifications on the specifications provided, don’t take up the project until the client provides clear instructions.
  5. Divide the project into small tasks
  6. Propose the project to the client dividing the small tasks quoting in milestones and time required to complete each task.
  7. While the task is complete deliver the task to the client and get approved for releasing the milestone amount in escrow.
  8. When only milestone amount is released proceed with the next milestone and continue up to the final task.
  9. If in some circumstances you are not able to complete the particular task or you cannot able to handle that task, find a suitable freelancer to do it for you.
  10. If in some case, the task is getting more complicated inform the client before hand the complications and the time required to handle the task. Also inform the client the task will cost extra due to its complication and time consumption. You are the one who knows the ins and outs of the projects. You decide the fruit you deserve for handling the project. Never continue in order to satisfy the client. You will end up with tensions and complications without any fruitful result. If he doesn’t agree quit the milestone, don’t continue. This way you can secure yourself from getting utilized on low budget.

Myself a freelancer has come up with a project, which has dealt me with complications. With my wide experience I am suggesting the above steps you can follow when dealing with the fixed projects.

I had a client who gave me up a list of tasks, but most of the instructions are unclear and when asked he was not able to clarify those. There were a list of multiple tasks for which I continued with many and many were unclear. I followed him upto 2 months and at the end when he clarified, that task turned into a time consuming project. I informed the client about the complications and the time consumption, also the cost involved in handling that task. He is not ready to pay for the task and asked to continue with the same said cost for the project, which is really low when compared to the task. At last the client asked for refund and I placed a dispute against him. Problem was that he just placed a small amount in milestone not as I quoted, also I did a wrong in not continuing the project in milestone. Due to this not paid for the multiple tasks I completed. This is a great lesson I learned from my freelancing career.

Be careful and not become prey to this type of clients. Complete each small task by milestone, get paid and continue with the other task. Secure yourself and be smooth in your workflow.

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