Google data studio: a marketer’s best companion

Tired of searching for data that flooded your unorganized inbox every week to make a report from scratch?  Google Data Studio is your one-stop destination if you want a simple, interactive, to-the-point report.

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool that helps to turn your raw data into informative, engaging reports and eye-catchy visualizations. In this article, you will learn about how your business can benefit from Data Studio. Some of the features of Data Studio are,

  1. Compatible with multiple data sources:

You can now gather all your data within a single dashboard by connecting to data sources such as GOOGLE ADS, GOOGLE ANALYTICS, GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLES, SHEETS, YOUTUBE ETC. Apart from the Google-based data sources, it also supports a long list of on-premise and cloud-based data sources. Data Studio has live built-in connections to over 200+ data sources. You can connect to multiple data sources within a single report. This incredible feature helps you to create stunning reports which provide better insights into your digital marketing needs and help make the best decisions.

2. Free Access!

One of the most attractive features of Data Studio is that it is completely free to use apart from the storage cost for data and processing costs for transformation. Although, there is a paid version all important features are available in the free version itself.

3. Unlimited Widget options

To start using Data Studio you don’t require to be an expert. Google Data Studio provides a variety of already created templates for Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Ads, and even for specific industries, like eCommerce. You can learn how to use these with free Google Data Studio tutorials. unlike Google Analytics which allows only 12 graphs or charts per report, you can use unlimited widgets with Data Studio. You can modify these widgets with metrics.

4. Fully Customizable dashboards and reports:

Google Data Studio allows you to fully customize your reports as per your requirement. It provides a wide range of styles, graphs, designs, and formatting. If you are a fresher in Data Studio you can select from a variety of already created templates or you can completely start from scratch and create a report in your style. You can customize your text, page layout, style, graphs, charts, metrics, etc.

5. Interactive and Dynamic Data Visualizations:

The good news is you can be your own graphic designer with Data Studio. Its guidance and ready-to-use interface allow everyone to create professional and visually appealing reports and dashboards so that you can impress your audience without having any technical knowledge.

With Data Studio, you can now,

  • switch from lifeless static reports to multi-dimensional dynamic reports and let your viewers click and change reports to see the data points they want. 
  • One of the key features of Data Studio is it will automatically update Whenever you add information on one of your data sources.
  • You can also filter reports based on date, time, users, and other parameters to get the data you need.
  • You can edit specific content from a filter if you don’t want to change all the content on the page.

 6. Easily-readable and easily sharable reports:

You can customize your report’s layout. You can break it down into one page or 20 pages. You can easily change fonts, colors, themes, sizes, and more to make each report easy to understand. you can also add up to 10 widgets per page. This layout allows your viewers to look into your campaign from every angle.

While creating and reviewing a report you may often need a second opinion. Downloading and sending the data to the team members is time-consuming. Like their other tools, Google made Data studio too easily sharable and hassle-free. You can allow your team members to view and even make changes simultaneously by simply sharing a link. No need to install local software on your machine. Data Studio is fully cloud-based; hence shared users can access your reports from any approved internet browser. They can also view the report at any time, making it easy and convenient for the individual to stay updated with real-time data.

7. Drill down features:

You can drill down and drill up to explore different aspects of your business and move between levels of information. For example, you can examine revenue for an entire product line and then drill down to see revenue for each product in the line. When you finish viewing individual product revenue, you can drill back up.

Drill down option helps you to make your report more Interactive by keeping it short and precise. You can easily find insights adding more levels of details into a single data. That is, instead of including 2 separate charts you can merge it into one by including a single chart with drill-down enabled.

Need more help?

Impressed with the amazing features of Google Data Studio but no time to create a report? No worries!  Our team of digital marketing experts is all set to create interactive and visually appealing reports and dashboards for our clients. Within no time we will transform your raw data into metrics and dimensions so you can draw insights that help you optimize your business. Contact us to request a free marketing consultation!

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