Virtual Assistant: What is it? Why they are best compared to regular employees?

What is a VA?

Running a business can be tiring and overwhelming as you are loaded with a mountain of tasks and responsibilities. A virtual assistant provides almost all services to entrepreneurs or businesses of every size from a remote location. They can help you and your business with just about anything from digital marketing tasks, social media management, selling products, scheduling appointments, and managing events to personal errands.

How a Virtual Assistant helps your business to grow?

Virtual Assistants have become a household name in the business world. If we try to list the tasks Virtual Assistant offers we are not going to finish any sooner. It would be a never-ending list. Yet we shall discuss some of the important ones below:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Accounts handling
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Preparing reports
  • Event Management
  • Specialized skills
  • Personal Assistant to book your flights and hotels, handle your emails, etc

And what not! Virtual Assistants can do almost everything and more what your employee can do. There is a wide spectrum of tasks.

Virtual Assistant v/s Regular Employees:

There are a lot of benefits of choosing a VA over regular employees. Especially, if you are running a small business. One of the most attractive ones is cost reduction. You can hire a VA at a rate way cheaper than what you have to pay for a regular employee. Also, if you are an online-based business hiring Virtual Assistants would be comfortable for you so you can get the work done from anywhere and don’t bother about setting up an office. Let’s dive a little deeper to know more about the benefits of choosing Virtual Assistants over employees.

1.  Cost-effective:

You don’t need to pay salaries to VAs! You can choose either an hourly rate where you have to pay for only the hours VA worked or a fixed rate where you can pay them every month. With Virtual Assistants, you get what you pay for. In other words, you have to pay only for the task required. And you get cheaper options for getting done the same task without compromising in quality. You don’t have to provide training to VAs otherwise you require to do it for your full-time employees. Instead, you can hire VAs who are already experts in that particular field.

When you hire an employee you may have to give them a lot of benefits such as life insurance, healthcare, sick leave salary, overtime pay, paid vacation, office expenses, tax, etc. But you don’t have to provide any of these to VAs!

2. Cut down employees:

In Businesses, there are a lot of tasks that seem repetitive and time-consuming. We call it mundane tasks.  Though mundane tasks are boring you can’t skip them either as it may adversely affect your business. You probably have extra assistants in each department to do such duties. The good news is you don’t have to keep extra employees giving all the benefits which you can’t afford only to do such small tasks. Instead, you can hire VAs at way cheaper rates to do repetitive tasks such as bookkeeping, email handling, etc so that you can allow full-time employees to commit to more important tasks.

3. Time Management:

As we discussed above, you can hire VAs for doing mundane tasks and keep your employees focused on more important tasks. This way you can not only save money but also TIME! You can also hire experts in a particular field in no time instead of wasting time training your employees. VAs are often hired to do a particular task. Hence as VAs are focusing on that task only unlike regular employees who have to concentrate on multiple works at the same time, they can finish the given task quickly. This too helps the business save a lot of time.

4. Flexible and expert assistants:

Most VAs carry out administrative tasks. In addition to this most of them has various set of skills in which they have expertise such as photo and video editing, content writing, social media marketing, technical skills, SEO, business intelligence, etc. Hence you can hire one according to your requirement and with a flexible schedule. You will get VAs working in any time zones and speaking any language. You have to pay only after completing the projects or milestones you set. Also, you can hire a VA only at peak seasons, holidays, or if you need help on a particular field only.

5. Updated skills:

Virtual Assistants are always updated and efficient in their set of skills because of tight competition. As you are hiring a VA from around the world you have access to the best talents across the globe. On the other hand, regular employees may not be that advanced as their job is fixed and nobody is challenging them. Often you have to provide training for them inorder to learn a new skill.

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