What is Blogging

Blogging is the art of sharing information globally through online. Blog is a type of website through which particular type of information is posted, which is also termed as blog post. Blogger shares information they are interested in to the global network users by blog posts. Blog is a written content focusing on different type of categories the online user is interested on. We have heard blogs, such as health blog, technology blog and education blog etc., in reality you can create any blog we imagine and regularly work on this to provide a useful blog post.

Most often blogger writes contents by personal perspective through which the blogger connects with the readers directly. Blog post has comment section wherein the reader can correspond with the blogger regularly.

Why Blogging……

According to world internet users statistics, there are around 3.010 billion internet users around the globe and the estimated global internet penetration is 42% as compared to 84.2% in US. Now a days mobile devices has become more popular to access internet. Maximum of global users own mobile devices and has access to internet. Statistics shows that around 52.4% of world’s online population access internet through mobile and by 2020 more than half of the world’s population is estimated to go online using mobile devices. You may wonder why I am speaking of the world internet users related to Blogging. Here is the magical chair turns in, wherein you can get in touch with these billion global users. Hey isn’t its a wonderful opportunity for you to share the information you have. Content is the king. If you are good in creating a well defined content you area winner. Its not necessary that you should have fluent English, you can provide content in a common dialect by which the end user can gain some benefit.

Blog opens the way to connect with the readers directly, wherein you have the benefit to share ideas with the like minded bloggers. Creating a content which benefits the majority builds trust with the readers. When there is a trust, the readers will be back to your site most often to check the blogs and to get more information from your website. This build up traffic to your site, which in turn opens way to make money online.

How to earn money from your Blogs